September 2019

“I just don’t what to say! I can’t thank Ms. Kirby enough! From beginning to end she has been there every step of the way in this unfortunate journey. I send her a million thanks for all she has done! Thank you for walking with me to the end.”

April 2019

“Thank you I really appreciate the work you did to get these results. I’m very very grateful for this outcome!!! Thanks again Ms Kirby. If I come across anyone needing a traffic attorney, I’ll be sure to send them your way.” K.A.

March 2019

“Happy is an understatement you really helped me in more ways than legally and I feel like ur efforts and  certain things u said to me stuck with me and I felt like it wasn’t all about the money and I didn’t want to let u down as well as a few other ppl that deserved a better me, so for that I’ve changed a lot in these past few months for the better and I plan on doing nothing but that from here on out…. so I’m grateful to have met u and I’m blessed that u cared enough to do what u did for me (especially after hearing how everybody else with multiple dui’s got treated with or without a lawyer)” D.P.