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There are a variety of different acts that can constitute as theft under the Maryland Criminal Code. Shoplifting, for instance, is one type of theft and is usually the most common. However, even finding something – but making no effort to return it to the owner – can be considered theft in Maryland.

Whether theft is considered a misdemeanor or a felony depends upon the value of the stolen item. If the total value of the stolen item(s) is $1,000 or more, it will be charged as a felony. The severity of theft in Maryland also increases if you steal from your employer.

The following are possible penalties for Maryland theft:

  • For an item valued at less than $100: up to 90 days in prison

  • For an item valued at less than $1,000: up to 18 months in prison

  • For an item valued at $1,000 or more: up to 15 years in prison

  • For vehicle theft: up to 5 years in prison

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You may not be threatened with these penalties right away if you are accused of theft. The first time you’re approached regarding the matter will likely be by a store’s loss prevention agent. Keep in mind that they can use anything you say to them as evidence. This is also true of statements you give to police after an arrest. It’s important to remember that police are always gathering evidence against you. If you are under investigation for theft, contact a Maryland theft attorney as soon as possible while remaining silent regarding the charges.

Each case is very different, and those differences affect both the procedure and outcome of your situation. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your case, Maryland theft attorney Colleen Kirby is prepared to assist you. It doesn’t matter if you are innocent of the charges, or feel ready to admit your mistake and ask for leniency – Ms. Kirby’s qualified professionals routinely provide aggressive defenses in a variety of case types. Their goal is to always get outstanding results for clients.